Academic and Proprietary Software Development


1D-MESA2HYDRO-3D: stellar structure and evolution code/hydrodynamical simulation density projection interface | Python; Fortran and C linking; see paper

Adaptive precision time sampling algorithm for MESA/GYRE models: | Python; Fortran; used here

PySEP: Python wrapper for the Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Program (DSEP) code | Python; Fortran linking

Adaptive search method for 7-D stellar parameter space for mixing length optimization | Python; Fortran linking; used here

DOI web scraper | Python, 2016

Text parser for bibtex entries | Python/LaTeX, 2016

Multivariable voter likelihood model | R, 2016

Numerical integrator for polytropic stellar models | Python/Fortran, 2015

Aerial IR signal processing pipeline | MATLAB, 2015

Density-based outlier detection algorithm | R, 2015

Automated stellar feature extraction algorithm | Python, 2015

Photometric data reduction pipeline | IRAF/PyRAF, 2014

Stellar structure solver | Python, 2012

Point-spread function fitter | C, 2011