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Select Refereed Publications

Standing on the shoulders of giants: New mass and distance estimates for Betelgeuse through combined evolutionary, asteroseismic, and hydrodynamical simulations with MESA (arXiv)
M. Joyce, S.C. Leung, L. Molnár, M. J. Ireland, C. Kobayashi, Ken'ichi Nomoto, ApJ, Oct 2020

The relationship between photometric and spectroscopic oscillation amplitudes from 3D stellar atmosphere simulations (arXiv)
Yixiao Zhou, Thomas Nordlander, Luca Casagrande, Meridith Joyce, Yaguang Li, Anish M. Amarsi, Henrique Reggiani, Martin Asplund, MNRAS, Feb 2021

A precise asteroseismic age and metallicity for HD 139614: a pre-main-sequence star with a protoplanetary disc in Upper Centaurus-Lupus (arXiv)
Simon J. Murphy Meridith Joyce, Timothy R Bedding, Timothy R White, Mihkel Kama, MNRAS, Jan 2021

Convective excitation and damping of solar-like oscillations (arXiv)
Y. Zhou, M. Asplund, R. Collet, M. Joyce, MNRAS, May 2020

Density Conversion between 1-D and 3-D Stellar Models with 1D-MESA2HYDRO-3D (arXiv)
M. Joyce, L. Lairmore, D. J. Price, S. Mohamed, T. Reichardt, ApJ, Jul 2019

Stellar Evolution in Real Time: Models Consistent with Direct Observation of a Thermal Pulse in T Ursae Minoris (arXiv)
L. Molnár, M. Joyce, L. L. Kiss, ApJ, Jul 2019

Classically and Asteroseismically constrained 1D Stellar Evolution Models of Alpha Centauri A and B using Empirical Mixing Length Calibrations (arXiv)
M. Joyce, B. Chaboyer, ApJ, Sept 2018

Not All Stars are the Sun: Empirical Calibration of the Mixing Length for Metal-Poor Stars Using 1-D Stellar Evolution Models (arXiv)
M. Joyce, B. Chaboyer, ApJ, Mar 2018

Suppressed phase variations in a high amplitude rapidly oscillating Ap star pulsating in a distorted quadrupole mode (arXiv)
D. L. Holdsworth, H. Saio, D. M. Bowman, D. W. Kurtz, R. R. Sefako, M. Joyce, T. Lambert, B. Smalley, MNRAS, Jan 2018

Investigating the Consistency of Stellar Evolution Models with Globular Cluster Observations via the Red Giant Branch Bump (arXiv)
M. Joyce, B. Chaboyer, ApJ, Dec 2015


Probing Convective Mixing in Stellar Interiors with Alpha Centauri A and B, presented at the 339th IAU Symposium

Microphysics on the Macroscale: The Big Impact of Small Parameters in Stellar Evolution, presented at the Dartmouth graduate student poster competition

The Red Giant Branch Bump: A Sensitive Probe of Mixing in Lower Mass Stellar Models, presented at the Cool Stars 19 conference

Investigating the Consistency of Stellar Evolution Models with Globular Cluster Observations via the Red Giant Branch Bump, presented at the 227th American Astronomical Society Meeting

Photometry on Metal-Poor Stars with HST Parallaxes, presented at the 224th American Astronomical Society Meeting

Multi-Wavelength Analysis of Three Blazars, presented at the 219th American Astronomical Society Meeting