Curriculum Vitae

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Lecturing and Tutoring

Australian National University

ASTR3005 Research: Supervision and assessment of single-term indepedent research project in astronomy

ANU Summer Scholars Program: Supervision of research internship for undergraduates in astronomy

ASTR3007-6007 Stars: Lecturing, course design, assignment and exam writing

University of Cape Town

Master's computational astrophysics: tutor and marker

Master's computational astrophysics: guest lecturer

3rd year undergraduate general astrophysics: guest lecturer

Dartmouth College

Astronomy 25, 60, and 81- Dartmouth Astronomy Foreign Studies Program, UCT, South Africa, Brian Chaboyer and John Thorstensen

Astronomy 25- Galaxies and Cosmology, Brian Chaboyer

Astronomy 15- Stars and The Milky Way, Gary Wegner

Physics 3- General Physics I, Yorke Brown

Astronomy 1- Exploration of the Solar System, Brian Chaboyer

Astronomy 1- Exploration of the Solar System, Rob Fesen

Service, Outreach, & Advocacy

Mount Stromlo Observatory, ANU

Leader of reform initiatives pertaining to improving workplace culture for students and early career researchers

Representative for the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics to the ANU all-science faculty's equity and diversity committee

Founder and head of the Australian node in the international MESA network (AIMS)

Member of the RSAA computing allocation committee

Volunteer advocate for women experiencing workplace discrimination

Certified mental health first aid provider

Konkoly Observatory

Contributing author to the English-language version of the institutional code of conduct

University of Cape Town

Volunteer lecturer and organizer, National Astrophysics and Space Science Program Summer School, University of Cape Town and SAAO, South Africa, January 2017--2018

Student organizer for sexual harassment reform

Dartmouth and broader New England

Dartmouth's representative to the multi-collegiate consortium New England Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (NE-GWISE)

President of the Dartmouth chapter of the national organization Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE), 2016-2017; 2017-2018

Executive Council of Dartmouth Graduate Student Government, Social Chair, 2016-2017

Dance instructor and choreographer, Dartmouth Fitness and Recreation Department, 2015-2018