Press Betelgeuse, the unusually dimming star, is smaller and closer than scientists thought
Sky News: Scientists figure out when red supergiant Betelgeuse will go supernova Betelgeuse, the unusually dimming star, shares new secrets with scientists
SYFY Bad Astronomy: Don't panic! But Betelgeuse may be 25% closer to Earth than we previously thought
Universe Today: Wow, Betelgeuse might be 25% closer than previously believed
Astronomy Now: Red supergiant Betelgeuse not so bright, not so giant, not so far away
Science Alert: Betelgeuse is neither as far nor as large as we thought, and it's a total bummer
Tech Times: Betelgeuse now 25% closer to Earth and may go supernova earlier than expected, leaving Orion constellation so soon?

TV: Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Segment on T Ursae Minoris
Newsweek: Astronomers make 'rare' observations of dying star, giving us glimpse into fate of our Sun
Forbes: A 'hiccup' at the end of the world: What the pulse of a red giant tells us about our own armageddon
CNET: Scientists' glimpse of a dying star shows how Earth will be destroyed Star nearing death offers a preview of our Sun's fate

Talk Recordings

Talk: University of California, Santa Cruz
Betelgeuse won't hurt us yet

Colloquium: University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
What we learn when we're careful: the power of Seismic Stellar Evolution

Talk: University of Auckland, New Zealand
Multi-method Stellar Chronology and Seismic Stellar Evolution

Seminar: Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo, Japan
Better Stellar Modeling: Numerical Tools and Techniques for the Modern Observational Landscape

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