Selected Talks

Invited Speaker, Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, January 2020 (announcement)
Invited Speaker, Stars in Melbourne conference, Monash University, Melbourne, December 2019 (link)
Invited Speaker, Macquarie University, Sydney, September 2019 (link)
Contributed Talk, Stars and Their Variability conference, Vienna, August 2019 (link, video)
Contributed Talk, Advances with SALT, Pretoria, November 2018 (link)
Invited Speaker, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, January 2018 (link)

Outreach & Community Involvement

Public Lecture, Astronomy on Tap, Budapest, September 2019
Invited Speaker, National Astrophysics and Space Science Program Summer School, University of Cape Town, South Africa, January 2018
Dartmouth's representative to the multi-collegiate consortium New England Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (NE-GWISE)
President of the Dartmouth chapter of the national organization Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE), 2016--2017; 2017--2018
Solar eclipse outreach event, Quechee Public Library, Quechee, VT, August 2017
Executive Council of Dartmouth Graduate Student Government, Social Chair, 2016--2017
Campaign Ground Organizer, New Hampshire Democratic Party, Hillary for America, July 2016--November 2016
Dance instructor and choreographer, Dartmouth Fitness and Recreation Department, 2015--2018



Tutor: NASSP master's course in computational astrophysics
Guest lecturer: Computational astrophysics
Guest lecturer: 3rd year general astrophysics


Astronomy 25, 60, and 81- Dartmouth Astronomy Foreign Studies Program, UCT, South Africa, Brian Chaboyer and John Thorstensen
Astronomy 25- Galaxies and Cosmology, Brian Chaboyer
Astronomy 15- Stars and The Milky Way, Gary Wegner
Physics 3- General Physics I, Yorke Brown
Astronomy 1- Exploration of the Solar System, Brian Chaboyer
Astronomy 1- Exploration of the Solar System, Rob Fesen


Undergraduate teaching assistant with faculty supervision at Bucknell University:
PHYS 211 and PHYS 212- General Physics I and II, Jack Gallimore, Sally Koutsoliotas, David Schoepf, Jeff Bowen, Katelyn Allers, James Higsby
PHYS 221- Mechanics I, Michele Thornley
PHYS 142- Vision and Optics, Michele Thornley
PHYS 147- Energy and Sustainability, Ned Ladd