Curriculum Vitae

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Outreach & Community Involvement

Invited Speaker, National Astrophysics and Space Science Program Summer School, University of Cape Town, South Africa, January 2018

Dartmouth's representative to the multi-collegiate consortium New England Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (NE-GWISE)

President of the Dartmouth chapter of the national organization Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE), 2016--2017; 2017--2018

Solar eclipse outreach event, Quechee Public Library, Quechee, VT, August 2017

Executive Council of Dartmouth Graduate Student Government, Social Chair, 2016--2017

Campaign Ground Organizer, New Hampshire Democratic Party, Hillary for America, July 2016--November 2016

Dance instructor and choreographer, Dartmouth Fitness and Recreation Department, 2015--2018

Tutoring at UCT

Tutor: NASSP master's course in computational astrophysics

Guest lecturer: Computational astrophysics

Guest lecturer: 3rd year general astrophysics

Tutoring at Dartmouth

Astronomy 25, 60, and 81- Dartmouth Astronomy Foreign Studies Program, UCT, South Africa, Brian Chaboyer and John Thorstensen

Astronomy 25- Galaxies and Cosmology, Brian Chaboyer

Astronomy 15- Stars and The Milky Way, Gary Wegner

Physics 3- General Physics I, Yorke Brown

Astronomy 1- Exploration of the Solar System, Brian Chaboyer

Astronomy 1- Exploration of the Solar System, Rob Fesen

Tutoring at Bucknell

Undergraduate teaching assistant with faculty supervision at Bucknell University:

PHYS 211 and PHYS 212- General Physics I and II, Jack Gallimore, Sally Koutsoliotas, David Schoepf, Jeff Bowen, Katelyn Allers, James Higsby

PHYS 221- Mechanics I, Michele Thornley

PHYS 142- Vision and Optics, Michele Thornley

PHYS 147- Energy and Sustainability, Ned Ladd